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Artemis Woman Nail Catcher

15 September 2008 48,707 views One Comment

When I clip my nails, I generally do it carefully so I can easily collect all the clippings. Easily one of the most disgusting things is to step on an errant nail clipping. Mr. Spork, like any typical guy, does not seem to worry about this, leading to some unpleasant discoveries and unpleasant conversations.

Artemis Woman has recently launched a set of nail clippers to help solve this problem. The high-quality precision clippers are nestled into a plastic catcher. When a nail is clipped, the refuse slips down into catcher. Now you can walk barefoot without fear! It isn’t 100% fool-proof though. If you tip the clippers upside-down, the clippings can slide out between the clipper’s teeth.

And, of course, good luck getting your boy to empty it. One thing at a time, I suppose.

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  • Aimee C Aimee C said:

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